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Asus today
announced the new Asus Fonepad 7 (FE375CG). This 7-inch tablet with dual-SIM,
3G phone functionality is powered by the latest 64-bit Intel Atom Z3560 1.83GHz
quad-core processor, and features a new design that is lighter and narrower
than its predecessor. This narrow bezel design provides a 70% screen-to-body
ratio to give Fonepad 7 a larger display area.

Asus Fonepad 7 (FE375CG)

The Asus Fonepad 7 (FE375CG) features the 64-bit
Intel Atom Z3560 1.83GHz quad-core processor for powerful, efficient
performance and 10.5 hours of battery life when watching videos or browsing the
web, or up to 20 hours of 3G talk-time.

The Fonepad 7 features a 7-inch, 1280 x 800
IPS display and dual front speakers for immersive multimedia. There are 5-megapixel
rear-facing and 2-megapixel front-facing cameras with PixelMaster technology
for enhanced camera functions for high-quality images and video. The Fonepad 7 available
with 8GB or 16GB onboard storage which can be further expanded by 64GB of Micro
SD storage.

Built-in 3G connectivity and dual SIM slots
provide crystal-clear voice calls and ensure that users are reachable on their
own mobile or travel SIM numbers…

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LG will extend the wearable experience to parents with children with its new KizON wristband. KizON is LG’s new wearable designed exclusively for pre-school and primary school children that offers parents a convenient way to keep track of their young children’s whereabouts. Utilizing GPS and Wi-Fi, KizON provides real-time location information allowing parents to track their children’s whereabouts on a smartphone.


With One Step Direct Call, parents can easily communicate with their children as well as providing them with information on the location of their children throughout the day. And parents aren’t the only ones who can use KizON to communicate with a loved one. With one press of the One Step Direct Call button, children can also dial a pre-configured phone number, which can be changed at any time through a smartphone running Android 4.1 or higher. If the child fails to answer a call from any of the pre-configured numbers within ten seconds, KizON will automatically connect the call to let the parents listen through the built-in microphone. Another important function of KizON is Location Reminder, which gives adults the ability to pre-set the device to provide location alerts at specific times throughout the day…

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Asus today announced the availability of PadFone S, an innovative smartphone and tablet in one featuring leading technology such as 4G LTE-Advanced connectivity, Qi wireless charging, Near Field Communication (NFC) support and a 13-megapixel PixelMaster camera.

Asus PadFone S

PadFone S features a unique two-in-one design comprised of a 5-inch full HD Android 4.4 (KitKat) smartphone that docks into the included PadFone S Station to transform into a 9-inch tablet, giving users the flexibility to choose the optimal screen size for any scenario, such as making phone or video calls, composing email, watching videos or playing games. When docked, apps running on the phone are seamlessly resized to fit the tablet’s larger display. Dual front speakers provide rich and immersive sound, and complement the large display to deliver incredible entertainment experiences.

PadFone S has a thin and light design with a stunning In-Plane Switching (IPS) 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) display covered with durable, scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass with an anti-fingerprint coating, so it is able to stand up to the rigors of daily use. PadFone S meets stringent international operator requirements with its ability to pass numerous drop and water resistance tests. This tough design helps protect PadFone S against falls and dings, accidental spills, and getting caught in the occasional rain shower…

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With an eye on transforming wearable devices into more than just a conversation piece, LG today introduced the highly anticipated LG G Watch, one of the first devices powered by Android Wear, Google’s new operating system which extends the Android platform to wearables. As a wrist wearable device featuring a button-less design, the G Watch will appeal to a mass audience with its simple minimalist design, quick and “glance-able” access to useful information and seamless connectivity with other Android devices, keeping users connected wherever, whenever…

LG G Watch

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ZTE today announced the availability of the ZTE Grand S Pro with U.S. Cellular. For only $99.99 with a two year contract, the Grand S Pro offers off-the-charts performance with a powerful 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-core processor, 4G LTE speeds and 13 MP camera with advanced photo editing and HD camcorder. When it comes to affordable 4G LTE smartphones, the Grand S Pro is an upgrade on all fronts.

ZTE Grand S Pro

“The Grand S Pro proves that it is possible to deliver a high-performing device, without the high price tag,” said Lixin Cheng, Chairman and CEO of ZTE USA. “This smartphone showcases ZTE’s definition of value which goes far beyond cost to deliver smart, affordable, quality choices.”

The large, crisp 5.0-inch 720x1280 HD display is paired with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound for a consistently captivating entertainment experience. Whether gaming or streaming a movie using 4G LTE speeds, the Grand S Pro provides rich possibilities.

Its 13 MP rear-camera delivers professional-like photos when in Pro Mode. Advanced settings are similar to those found in professional cameras such as metering and focusing separation and compass assisted composition. Its front-facing 2 MP camera takes the perfect selfies with self-adjustable lighting capabilities…

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BLU Products announced follow-ups to their flagship LIFE and VIVO series of smartphone devices. The new BLU LIFE 8 and BLU VIVO IV are the first mobile devices available in the Americas with true octa-core mobile processing. Powered by the MT6592 chipset from MediaTek with advanced eight-core application processing and industry-leading multimedia capabilities, the result is super-phone class computing (30,000 AnTuTu Benchmark) and excellent power efficiency.


The VIVO IV is the fourth generation of the BLU VIVO series featuring Super AMOLED display technology, featuring remarkable advancements in technology and design, resulting in the thinnest (5.5mm) and most beautiful smartphone device available in the world today. Built out of one solid block of aluminum using the latest CNC and antenna technologies, then covered with Corning Gorilla glass on both the front and back, the VIVO IV's body is made up almost entirely (98%) of glass and aluminum for a feeling of unrivaled quality and luxury.

Inside the gorgeous device is a 5.0-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display with 441 ppi, resulting in the most remarkably vivid color and brightness of any display available today. Photos and videos are captured with a 13 mega pixel main camera plus 5 mega pixel front facing camera. The VIVO IV's memory configuration includes 16GB built in storage plus 2GB RAM…

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Acer today unveiled the Acer Liquid X1, a 5.7-inch smartphone that brings together Octa-core processing power, LTE connectivity, impressive imaging capabilities and intuitive control features, all in an elegant, lightweight form factor. The Liquid X1 is ideal for busy professionals who need a sleek looking, efficient device for productivity and enjoyment on-the-go.

Acer Liquid X1

The Acer Liquid X1 packs a lot of power into its 160 g light form factor including an Octa-core processor, quad-core graphics processor and 2 GB RAM. This combination ensures faster performance, and smoother transitions and interface operation, greatly enhancing productivity, play and multitasking. To provide a seamless Wi-Fi and LTE experience the Liquid X1 supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and LTE Category 4 Standard, with up to 150 Mbps downloads, keeping users connected at fast speeds wherever they are.

With the Acer Liquid X1, capturing clear and crisp photos of spontaneous moments is easy and effortless. The Liquid X1 comes with both a 2 megapixel wide-angle front camera and 13 megapixel rear camera with f/1.8 aperture and 0.3 second ultra-fast focus capability. With Free Focus, users do not need to worry about focusing and can let the Liquid X1 do all the work, so they will never miss a shot…

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Acer announces the Acer Liquid Z200 smartphone designed for first-time feature phone users or second phone buyers on a budget, available in a variety of colors to accentuate users’ personalities. Designed for users on a budget, this 4-inch WVGA display entry smartphone with optional dual SIM comes with all the essential smart features plus immersive sound by DTS Studio Sound technology previously available only in Acer’s mainstream series smartphones.

Acer Liquid Z200

The compact Acer Liquid Z200 running on Android 4.4 (KitKat) holds comfortably for one-hand usage and features an optional flip cover that lets users simply turn on their smartphone with a flip.

AcerRAPID design - acts as a "one-touch" control interface that allows users to activate the screen, launch the camera, launch apps from the home screen, and pickup phone calls with a simple click.

Acer Quick Mode - four distinct profiles are built in for the needs of different user and age groups:

  • Basic Mode: for youngsters with fixed call and text functions.

  • Easy Senior Mode: quick messages with pre-set text, radio, weather, magnifier, clock, quick call contacts for the convenience of elderly users.

  • Classic Mode: the main functions in a simple and organized layout for first time smartphone users…

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Acer debuts the Acer Liquid Leap at Computex as its first wearable device. The touch-screen smartband with fitness tracking, phone and SMS notification, and music control will be sold together with the Acer Liquid Jade smartphone in selected markets. The new smartphone is ultra-slim with a beautifully curved design featuring an IPS and Zero Air Gap technologies HD display and great camera performance.

Acer Liquid Jade

With the introduction of the Acer Liquid Leap, Acer now offers a comprehensive range of touch devices from 1 inch to 27 inches in display size for different customer needs.

The smallest touch device by Acer, the Liquid Leap emits an understated elegance with its modern linear design. The slim 1-inch touch screen is nestled in a durable rubber wristband for comfortable everyday usage. It’s the ideal smart wearable device for active digital users wanting to maximize their efficiency, and for whom staying connected is absolutely essential.

The Liquid Leap tracks users’ fitness including steps, running distance, calories burned, and sleeping cycle. It’s on 24/7 and features incoming call and SMS notification so users will never miss a call. The music control function lets users access the music library on their smartphone, and play, pause, switch to previous or next songs…

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Acer today debuted the Liquid E700 and E600, two sleek 5-inch smartphones with IPS screens and a slew of great features.

Acer Liquid E700

Featuring an extremely long battery life, triple SIM capability and Zero Air Gap screen, the Liquid E700 is the perfect companion for users needing a device that provides uninterrupted connectivity, entertainment and communication on-the-go. The Liquid E600 packs in a lot of power and functionality with LTE Category 4 network connectivity, quad-core processor, and great imaging and multitasking features.

The Acer Liquid E700 is also tri-SIM and quad-band providing users with ultimate flexibility to stay connected to their favorite content and friends no matter where they are in the world. More importantly, while offering a great battery capacity of 3500mAh, the Liquid

E700 remains compact, stylish and elegant with a slim waistline of 9.9 mm and total weight of only 155g.

Performance will be at peace with the powerful quad-core processor backed up with 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of flash memory, delivering a smooth and snappy reactivity in any type of application, including multitasking thanks to the Acer FLOAT solution, enabling users to benefit from multiples applications running on the same screen…

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